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Skin Health Consultations

Natural beauty from within

 Possessing healthy, glowing, beautiful skin is the key to true beauty, no matter what age you are. Using our deep knowledge of skin health, nutrition and therapeutics we deliver beauty treatments designed to create your ultimate skin health and to solve difficult skin problems. By nurturing your skin with the pure, natural, organic BE Spa skincare range and by following our unique Balanced Energy approach we guarantee you will get lasting results to look and feel fabulous, naturally.

We firmly believe that to achieve healthy skin the outer layers need to remain intact to retain the integrity and health of the cells beneath and promote balance, therefore we do not perform peels, micro-dermabrasion, IPL, laser treatment, micro needling or any other type of invasive “beauty” treatment that could destroy this delicate balance. Instead we nourish and feed the skin with what it needs to be healthy and beautiful. Bringing balance to the very cells that make up your amazing outer appearance.

We believe that everything you put onto your skin impacts on your health. Also that each individual has subtle differences in what they need. Because of this our bespoke skincare can be blended specifically for you by individual prescription using certified organic food grade substances that are pure enough to eat. There are no preservatives in our skincare so you purchase it like you would a fresh food item, in small amounts measured to last you until you will need to buy more. This means that you have to buy your skin care every two to three weeks, but the purity, freshness and vibrancy of the ingredients are second to none. We can also deliver your prescription if you are unable to pick it up from us at our clinic or at the markets we attend each weekend.

BE Spa bespoke skin health consultations

Including dietary and skincare advice to achieve beautiful skin.

40 minutes for $40, redeemable on purchase of skincare or health products  


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