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Health Treatments

How we can help you to be healthy

Beauty Energy Health Healing

Ear Candling  including 2 ear candles    $80
(Extra candles $10 each)
This ancient technique uses a gentle flow of  warm air infused with herbs and oils to soften ear wax, clear and balance the sinuses and ears.

Blood Type & Genotype  60 min   $80
Blood type or Genotype Ttest with overview of your specific needs to maintain optimum health.

Nourished:   First session – 90 min   $120
Weight loss the Balanced way, our skilled Wellness Consultants assess and prescribe a dietary and exercise program based on the specific needs of your blood, genotype and five element type. Helping you lose weight more permanently by setting up easy patterns to change your lifestyle and outlook. We then arrange follow-up treatments and support sessions according to your individual needs.

Far Infra Red Sauna   pp  $35    10 visit: $200   Private bookings for up to 2 people
(Includes towels)
Infra-red light penetrates into the body, relaxing, balancing, detoxifying and alleviating many physical problems as well as stimulating collagen production and healthy immunity.

Bioptron   30 min  $35     10 visit  $200
This European registered medical device uses polarised light for a variety of beauty and health treatments. For more information click the links below:

How does Bioptron Work?

Has Bioptron been researched and what are it’s accreditations and official certifications?

Naturopathy   60 min  $80    (Initial consultation is 1.5 hrs, follow up 30 min)
Using herbal remedies and nutrition, tailored to you as an individual, a naturopath works to build your constitution and natural immunity for all round, better health.

Iridology  60 min  $80
A skilled form of diagnosis using analysis of the eyes to assess a treatment plan for the specific health  needs of the client.

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