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Pyramid Day 108 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

The quote “Our hearts can grow strong at the broken places” is from Jack Kornfield, a buddhist teacher from the US. This was the quote for the day today from my lovely book Bhuddist Offerings 365 Days.Very apt considering my Dad just had heart surgery!

Well, I have finally sat down to continue with this blog, after some general mayhem in daily life, and to my surprise it is day 108! The number 108 is a very important one for many different religions and philosophies for prayer,  repetition of Mantra and to represent different concepts. 

Henri will be blogging about the number 108 over the next couple of days, so look out for this if you want to know more.

You will be pleased to know I have not let go any of my daily practice (except blogging, but my main philosophy is not to stress about anything, personal practice and looking after my health and wellbeing are first priority), my yoga and meditation practice gets stronger every day and my body and mind are really starting to feel a lot more in tune. I spent a blissful three days at Ohui Retreat on the teacher training course last weekend. Up at 5 for Yoga class then a full day of practice and theory until 9.30pm on Saturday and Sunday leaving around 3pm on Monday. No interruptions from mobile phones, kids, partners, computers, emails or television. The mind became very clear and focused, I had so much spare energy! I was stretched, challenged, fed, relaxed and energised to the max.

I am organising a weekend away in this beautiful location on Oputere Beach with Yoga classes, simple food, meditation and relaxation. If you are interested please contact me now as places are limited. The accommodation is very simple but comfortable.

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