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Day 11 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

I have now been refined sugar free for 11 days. My mood balance is definitely improved and my energy levels are much better even after such a short time.

I have been suffering from really bad sugar cravings for a while now which is unusual for me as I have never really been a big sweet freak. So, every time I have been having sugar cravings I have a glass of water and some nuts or fruit instead. This seems to work quite well for me and I am now feeling more like eating these than something sugary sweet.

I decided to remind myself just why sugar is so bad for the body and did a bit of research to refresh my memory. Here are some links to information on refined sugar and why it is so bad, if you have kids I really encourage you to read this as it really helps set your intention to avoid sugar for their sake:

Why the production of sugar makes it not so good for you or the planet

141 Reasons Why Sugar Ruins Your Health

CNN Article on the subject

So it seems even the health nuts and the doctors are in agreement, refined sugars are bad, natural sugars found in fruit for example are necessary for bodily processes. Raw sugar cane in its natural form (before processing) has been found to be beneficial for the body click here to read article on this subject

And we all know that the occasional bit of chocolate cake is really good for your soul (everything in moderation!), but I am sticking to my refined sugar free diet for a bit longer because I am feeling really good without it.

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