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Day 113 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

Two years ago I had badly sensitised skin on my face, absolutely every natural and organic skincare product I tried brought me out in a rash and made it worse. My skin was dehydrated and reddened  but I couldn’t use anything on it. Eventually we discovered the Janesce skin care range when searching for products to sell in the clinic that fit with our ethics, within a month of using a very simple, gentle Janesce skincare regime (designed to get water back into the cells), my skin was beginning to glow again and the sensitivity died down. I was then given a Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate to use as a serum. Janine Tait, distributor for Janesce products in New Zealand explains more about the Janesce concentrates:

Why Concentrate?

By Janine Tait

The Janesce concentrates are the most powerful of all Janesce products. Made from the pure plant essences, they are essentially therapeutic strength herbal medicines designed to treat and improve the skin’s condition.  They are also the most penetrating of all the products,  easily reaching down into our dermis where our collagen and elastin are made.

Everybody should be using a concentrate all of the time to receive the benefits they offer.

So which one should we choose?

The Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate and its more powerful cousin, SK1 are ideal for people wanting calming, strengthening and hydrating.

For those of us more concerned about anti-aging, Shade of Pale Serum is the most effective with its extracts of grape seed and licorice.  It is also a very unique serum containing many plants not seen elsewhere in the range like common mallow, lady’s mantle, cows slip, speedwell and yarrow.

Purifying Concentrate and its naturopathic strength cousin, SK6 are great for very oily or acne skins that are hydrated and not sensitized.

Revitalising Concentrate is perfect for devitalized skins needing a real boost.

If you want extra benefit from your concentrate, apply it to freshly soaked skin for maximum penetration.  Freshly hydrated skin is three times more receptive to the powerful actives than dry skin.  Apply your mist and Perfecting Gel after your concentrate. 

So if you want gorgeous skin, make sure a concentrate is a permanent part of your skin care regime.

At Balanced Energy we incorporate Janesce Concentrates into our many beautiful skin treatments, contact us to book now for a Janesce skin health consultation and prescription to suit you

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