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Day 12 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

I remember¬† in my mid 20’s wondering what dry hard skin was. I had never experienced cracked heels, hard dry knees or elbows even though I tend have a sensitive dehydrated skin type.

In the last few years the skin on my feet has slowly become harder and dryer and I have had some small cracks appearing on one heel. I discovered at my Level One Yoga teacher training (while doing postural alignment) that I am habitually standing on the outside right edge of my right heel. I realised that this may be causing the callous in this location that is so hard to shift. 

I corrected my posture but no matter what I have been doing (filing, pumicing, blading) the callous and the cracks come back. I was considering doing a peel treatment, but didn’t want to as I know that this will only relieve the symptoms initially and not fix the problem, even make it worse. (If you continually rub the skin or expose immature layers it forms a callous to protect itself- uh oh catch 22!)

The major issue here is that while I give myself a pedicure every couple of weeks or so I am not looking after my feet in between. So, as an experiment, I have been applying the Janesce Soothing Foot Care Cream every morning after my shower while the skin is still damp. It has been only three days but my feet are already looking more hydrated, the skin is more supple and the cracks are softening.

I am taking a series of photos to make sure that this is really happening and not just my imagination. It will take at least 28 days for the benefits to really show due to the cycle that the skin follows as the immature new skin cells make their way up to the surface. One month is not a long time to wait if I can break the cycle I am in with this callous.

The other change I am making is to take some Janesce Zinc Repair supplements to help with the suppleness of the skin. According to some information our soil is Zinc deficient here in New Zealand and a lack of Zinc can cause all sorts of problems (an overdose can too so caution is advised) one is a lack of integrity and elasticity in the skin.

Soft feet here I come!

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