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Days 13-14 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

Lately I have been feeling like my intuition has gone on holiday… a long holiday far, far away. It seemed as if I was completely out of sync with just about everything. I would receive insights that I often didn’t follow, or I let other people talk me out of my convictions only to find that my insight should have been followed and I should not have allowed myself to be convinced otherwise. And these weren’t small things, they were HUGE learning processes.

This was often due to the fact that I couldn’t see any logical reason why I should follow my intuition as it didn’t make sense on a logical or material level. Also, being so overworked and stressed my thinking and feeling processes were easily confused.

Yesterday I had an intuition I am really glad I took heed of. On my way to the school pick up (running late and hurrying as usual!) I was driving up to a t-junction way too fast. This junction is a blind spot where traffic approaching and traffic turning out into the main road cannot see each other until they are right on top of each other. I had a strong feeling I needed to slow down as someone would be turning out into my path. I slowed down and as I approached I saw a woman waiting to turn out of the junction looking in the opposite direction away from me. My intuition knew she was not going to look my way so I hit the brakes (my neighbour who was also hurrying to pick up her kid nearly rear ended me). Sure enough the woman pulled out into the road turning right but looking left. She didn’t even see me until I was right on top of her. If I had been going any faster I would have driven straight into the side of her car but, because I had slowed down, I was able to stop.

I felt this was a really strong indication of the importance of following my intuition because when I am in tune with it the messages are very clear! In Yogic philosophy having a pure physical body assists with speeding up the process of enlightenment and spiritual evolution, maybe the changes I have made are helping me to regain a link with this dimension of myself.  

Though, I’m not quite sure yet why my intuition was to offer to help on the cake stall at the Whangaparaoa School Gala today, rather ironic given my sugar free status. Boy that was really challenging, surrounded by a hundred sugary confections of any kind you can imagine! There was just so much of it I think my brain just couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of it. Being a Taurus and a little prone to overindulgence I believe it’s a true miracle I didn’t eat any!

My Bestow Be Cleansed powder and Zinc Repair turned up today so I am going to start taking it tomorrow, along with our Gentle Cleanse Tisane Blend. Autumn Equinox is a good time to be cleansing so I am also upping my juice to twice a day (morning and afternoon).

Just got to start that Yoga practice happening every day…

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