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Days 16-17 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

Tomorrow at about 11am I will be co- creating the mother tincture for our Wings of Joy Liquid Light Essence Blend (the element of Metal). This blend goes into all our Wings of Joy products and is the energy balancer.

I am making it tomorrow because…it is Autumn Equinox, the time of the year ruled by Metal.

The preparation for this takes a long time, making sure everything we need is in place and ready for the moment in time when the energy will be the most beneficial to do this. Ensuring we obtain the best essence possible.

On the day I make a Mother Tincture I can be doing this at any time of day or night according to many factors  and the process is quite complex. Many things go into the finished product and the energy is carefully balanced.

Now the reason I say I “co- create this blend” is because it is an energy essence– I am just the instrument for this process to happen in the material dimension. It is very necessary for me to step back and try not to interfere too much with the process. I do this by asking that whatever healing energy is necessary according to divine will and for the highest divine good of all life be placed into the blend. Everything is put into place and I leave it alone until my intuition tells me it is time to bottle it.

While making the blend I usually get a rather large dose of whatever it is I am making and this can make all sorts of things happen around me. Once when I was making the Water Element blend we spilt water everywhere all day and my glass essence bowl broke in half as I lifted it up to bottle it, pouring litres of mother tincture everywhere! I had to find another bowl and wait until the next winter solstice to make it again! I had to literally “Go with the Flow”  

I wonder what will happen to me tomorrow?….The affirmation for Metal is “Lightness of Being”, that sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I will let you know how I get on.

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