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Days 18-19 of 365 days to Get Back to Myself

 So let’s recap, coming up to the three week mark, changes made so far:






  1. Yoga ball back into the office as my desk chair
  2. Getting more in touch with my intuition by being open to the messages and miracles around me each day
  3. Positive steps to getting fitter: volunteering for the walking school bus, swimming and more Yoga practice
  4. Cleansing with juices, BE Cleansed powder, Live Cell for Blood Type O, Neti, Balanced Energy Gentle Cleanse Tea
  5. Dietary changes: Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Alcohol and Coffee free
  6. Taking care of my dry feet with Soothing Foot Cream and Zinc supplement
  7. Reading inspirational books such as “The Game of Life” (plus a large stack of Yoga books I need to look at in preparation for my Level 2 Teacher Training)
  8. Drinking lots of fresh water (we are lucky enough to have spring water direct from the Rangitoto Aquifer coming through our taps here!)
  9. Being more social- making time to do nice things with my family.


The major thing that’s still holding me back is not having enough time to do everything I want to for myself. This is a common thing that people who come to see me complain about. “Oh I just don’t have time for that” is often repeated when I am giving health or skincare advice to clients. So if I put myself in the client seat and say I don’t have enough time as well then I have a real problem. Making time and prioritising health and happiness is absolutely necessary to be able to enjoy all other aspects of life. I couldn’t think of anything more important, but i still have issues around giving myself the time to do it.

So where does this “lack” of time come from? Often in New Age spiritual circles it’s dubbed “poverty consciousness”. This is about perceiving a lack of money, time, energy, resources or whatever it is you feel you don’t have. Often underlying this feeling or sense of lack I have found over 20 years of practising Vibrational Healing there are strong feelings of resentment or anger.

So how to change this? Firstly being able to acknowledge the emotional content of this feeling (energy) and identify what it is that is really at the root cause of the resentment and anger with some good counselling. Secondly, introducing the opposite quality (energy), which would be gratitude and peace. This is where the flower and gem essences are useful as they hold the balanced frequency of the quality desired and assist with the shift into this more helpful quality by reminding the body and energy how it feels (the flow of energy). I find that with a willingness to change and a recognition that something needs to change, along with positive action (affirmations and self awareness) taking an essence blend really speeds up the process of self awareness and change.

I am having an issue with a lack of time, according to Gregory O’Neville the author of Our Emotional Links to Disease, this directly relates to the the lungs (breathing in and out relates to time) and the lungs are ruled by the element of Metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also with the ability to put down my work and do something just for enjoyment (not that I don’t enjoy my work but there has to be a balance) without feeling really guilty (lungs and large intestine again).

This week I made the Metal Element mother tincture and I obviously need to take it. Even though we share the beautiful energies of these essences with our clients, they are primarily to help us as practitioners. People who also need the same healing energy are drawn to work with this too by coming to see us as clients.

Wings of Joy here I come.

Today’s affirmation: I am very grateful for having a healthy body and a blessed life.





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