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Day 187 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

So far for my year of getting back to myself  I have been focusing a lot on the physical aspect of health: Yoga postures, diet, supplements, skin care etc. However my primary training is in Vibrational Medicine, the study of the energy of the body, mind and emotions and the effect that the more subtle aspects of ourselves have on our general health and well being.

In energy medicine the body is viewed as an end result of the whole being existing on all levels, the physical or material aspect being only one small part. We all know that matter (everything we can see and touch) is simply particles of energy moving slower than substances such as gas or light energy. Science tells us that everything in the known universe is just energy at an atomic level and that everything is made from atoms. So why do we have such a hard time relating this to our health or being able to see past physical symptoms to a deeper, more energetic and subtle level?

My specific specialty is the study of how the patterns of mind and emotions affect and create processes within the body. This subject fascinates me as it is such a hard concept for us to accept, yet it is the very underlying reason we fall ill and that illness can return even after successful physical treatment.

Dr Edward Bach 1886-1936

saw this very clearly in the early 1900’s when he observed that some of his patients responded to treatment, whereas others didn’t and began to wonder what the difference was. He came to the conclusion that it was their state of mind that determined whether they got better or not and set about trying to find something that would assist this aspect of his patients to help them recover more quickly, or (even better) to observe and balance the personality first so that illness could be avoided. Over a number of years he developed many different types of medicines: vaccinations, homoeopathic nosodes and then flower essences. Even though I have worked with thousands of flower, gem and crystal essences I still use a set of because the original 36 Essences he developed are very comprehensive, Dr Bach was an insightful and dedicated healer always striving to find better, less harmful treatments.

I have had the priviledge of working with many clients over the years, with many different conditions from something as simple  as needing to resolve emotional or life issues to something as serious as coping with terminal cancer. Every experience reminds me that, while it is essential to give physical substances and treatments for physical symptoms (whether this be pharmaceutical, herbal, topical or nutritional), the true underlying cause of all physical things has an energetic, emotional or mental origin.

We simply cannot escape who we are or what our destiny is, however by trying to make sure that we are balanced in body, mind AND emotions we can certainly make sure that the life we experience can be relatively painless and free of suffering. Illness in the body is the physical messenger telling us what we need to learn or change to be happy and healthy.

As part of my journey this year I have also been taking essences to balance out how I am feeling and to alleviate the emotional stress that happens when we overdo things. Today I decided to start taking the Path of no Resistance Essence once again to help bring in energy and allow me to go with the flow more. Also to help boost my kidney energy which is a bit low at the moment after winter, before we hit the Spring Equinox on the 22nd of September.

On September 22nd we will be sharing our knowledge of vibrational medicine at a one day workshop on Internal Alchemy to teach people how to work with the energetic systems of the body, the mind and emotions to bring about harmony and healing for themselves. Click here to read more about the workshop, to enter the prize draw and to book tickets


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