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Day 32 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

Yes, I did eat some chocolate over Easter, being a Taurus and naturally prone to overindulgence I could not resist the mountains of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs that surrounded me. However, after being sugar free for sometime now I noticed that every time I ate the sugary things like chocolate I got a dull headache.

I don’t usually like to eat ordinary, mass manufactured chocolate because it has some silly ingredients in it like  GM soy lecithin   and conventional cocoa farming uses a lot of pesticides, one of these commonly used is Lindane which was widely publicised a few years ago when chocolate bought off the shelf in Europe was found to contain dangerously high levels of this chemical in it.

However I do love cocoa, it contains many things that are good for you

Imagine my bliss when my Dad (who has an organic farm and is an organic food nut!) sent my daughter some Loving Earth Organic Crunchy Mint Raw Dark Chocolate for Easter. She hated it of course being a kid, but I love bitter chocolate. I finally had some last night and when reading the ingredients was overjoyed to find out it had no sugar in it, instead it has raw organic agave syrup which apparently is a low GI sweetener.

Raw chocolate is quite different from the milky, highly sweetened type you will find in a supermarket, it is definitely an acquired taste. I love it, I  love eating raw cacao nibs .

And no headache. MMMMMMMMMMM.YUM

I also love the movie and book “Chocolat” too:

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