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Winter rainbow Day 65 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

Yes I am still here! We have been busy moving our clinic to its new, peaceful and private location which has taken up all our time. So I am now back to my daily blog, sorry for the gap, but rather than stay up until 3am writing my blog post on health (due to time restrictions during the day) I felt it was more beneficial to my health to get sleep instead.

Well, it’s day 65 and I am still on my detox diet. I am enjoying feeling so much better that I do not want to go back to my previous diet. I have had one or two glasses of wine and an occasional item on my list of things to avoid, but felt so yuk afterwards that I have actually managed to continue with the diet quite easily. My skin is looking really good and I definitely feel a lot calmer that I was two months ago. The key for me is slow change. I’m not looking for a 12 week, boot camp, fix it so I can get back to my old ways after. I am looking at lasting change that has a sustained and gradual effect on my health, weight and general well being. The state I was in 65 days ago was pretty dire and I do not want to go back to that place… ever.

I’m into my second month of my Level Two Yoga Teacher Training Course and its getting serious now with the daily Sadhana. The effect this has had on my whole life is quite unbelievable, but I already knew it would. It took the motivation of a course to make me start this daily practice once again and I am amazed at how only three years of full on stress and no regular Yoga practice has made me so much less flexible than I was before. Some of the advanced postures I used to be able to do with the greatest of ease are now a bit of a struggle!

I am determined that I will see this year out and that it will be a transformative time, leading me into a better pattern of living and leaving the stress behind.

There’s so much water around right now so on this, continuing subject here’s yet another opinion on the water and hydration theory for you with regards to the health benefits of distilled water versus spring water http://www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com/. I am as yet undecided about the whole water thing, and have to test this out for myself, but I thought it was interesting anyway.



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