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Day 76 of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

I am making a conscious effort to remember the divine, be grateful for small things and appreciate my life even though there are many things going on that make life very stressful. If I choose to I could sink down into these and feel sorry for myself, feel upset, feel angry or depressed. But if I put things into perspective this would really only be due to my resentment and a lack of recognition that everything is as its destined to be. I need to let go and “go with the flow” right now. To appreciate what I do have, and that it is more than enough.

My mother gave me a beautiful book some years ago for my birthday called “Buddhist Offerings 365 Days”, it’s a book with 365 quotes by Buddhist scholars accompanied by beautiful photos, one for every day of the year. Over the years this book has been in my meditation space, birthing room, healing room, clinic and now it is back home again. I am finding the daily messages help me to think about how I am during my day and can be a great inspiration for mindfulness or even comfort. Many people have commented on what a lovely book it is so I thought it would be a good thing to share it with you.

Today’s quote is from Pema Chodron:

” Suffering begins to dissolve when we can question the belief or hope that there is anywhere to hide.”

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