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Days 8 & 9  of 365 Days to Get Back to Myself

Fear not! I have not given up on my 365 day quest, I just had too much sun in the middle of the day yesterday at the Kumeu A&P Show, got a really bad headache and didn’t post! It really was so hot and the sun was blistering, even with a hat, parasol and plenty of water.

The whole of my eighth day was all about being OK with doing recreational activities, resting and nursing my poor sun struck head (quite challenging for a workaholic) and communicating properly with my lovely partner, Henri so we could all do what we wanted to do. In other words, taking the Path of no Resistance.

Today, Day 9, it was back to the drawing board as I spent the day doing some more training with the lovely Biosculpture NZ ladies who came to show me the tricks of their trade. I certainly can’t wait to do some more Biosculpture Gel Nails and try out my new skills.

The main thing I love about the Biosculpture philosophy is that the nails are treated gently to avoid damage when applying the gels. Cuticles are not pushed painfully down or pulled with clippers to rip the skin, they are treated to maintain the health of the nail. Hard skin is not peeled, cut or scraped off (similar to the Janesce philosophy on skin health) hard skin on the hands and feet is treated at the root cause (the dehydration) and healed gently and slowly using daily applications to heal and introduce moisture to the skin.

According to both Janesce and Biosculpture, cutting, peeling or scrubbing off hard skin causes the new, immature skin cells exposed by this to die and harden to protect the body. This then prevents them from maturing properly and they do not shed as they should, building up more hard skin. Both advocate getting underneath hard cracked heels by applying a good cream to the feet everyday.

Janesce prescribe soaking the feet in the evening, then applying runny honey to the cracks and sealing in the moisture with their wonderful Calendula Cream. For feet that just need moisture Janesce Soothing Foot Cream is my favourite. And a pedicure is just heaven anytime in my opinion!

So, I’m off to soak my dry, summer feet and give them some well earned nurturing. hopefully they will look like this afterwards:

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