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BE Uniquely You

Transformational Knowledge Retreats

Do you feel out of balance? Stressed, tired, unhappy, unhealthy, or like you just don’t know why you are here or what you are doing?

This is simply a symptom of disconnection with who you are and your unique purpose.

All the great teachers of philosophy and spirituality have stated for eons that “we are all one”. However (like each individual cell that makes up the whole of the body) we are also uniquely individual, with a particular role to play and a certain purpose to fulfill within that one great whole.

Disconnection with this unique purpose, through our modern lives filled with media, no down time to reflect, unhealthy habits causing illness or the general demands and responsibilities of family life, relationships or career can easily pull us out of ourselves, even if we are doing the very things we have always dreamed of doing.

How would it be to know yourself better, to have a clearer sense of who you are and your unique purpose while at the same time feeling more grounded and connected to the whole?

Time and space to breathe, reflect, think and take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health is an essential part of “living the dream”. Without the clarity of thought and feelings of well being that come from this we simply are lost in our struggles to keep moving in an ever faster world, losing our balance and connection the faster we go.

On “BE Uniquely You” Courses and Retreats we help you to take a moment in time to reflect on some really important questions so that you are able to hear your inner voice and bring yourself back into balance to face the daily life of the outside world with renewed purpose and inner strength.

We call our courses Retreats because the origin of the word “retreat” (according to the Meriam Webster Dictionary) is: “1.) To withdraw away from a dangerous or unpleasant situation. 2.) A place of privacy or safety . 3.) A period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study or instruction under a director”. And “transformation” means: “A complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form etc.”

BE Uniquely You Courses and Retreats (for one single day, a weekend, a week or a longer ongoing time) aim to imbue you with the knowledge and tools to transform your life and circles of influence through the sharing of ancient understandings, knowledge and modern interpretations on reflection, self love, healthy lifestyle and natural therapy techniques. While also giving you plenty of space to breathe, live and reflect.

Knowledge, and indeed self- knowledge specifically, leads to acceptance of others, a sense of freedom, connectedness and peace. For health practitioners it is essential to have this time to expand your knowledge and grow as an individual so that you can help your clients to do this.

The nature of your transformational process is ongoing, if you want to keep developing and growing as an individual and to continue to have sustained results. This is why, outside the Retreat space, your personal development is supported through one to one sessions and group meetings. Any time you need to dip back into the Retreat we are there to help. Please click here to see the options available to you after your Retreat.

Time for Happiness

A one day retreat and introduction to six key understandings

Do you or anyone else you know experience the following symptoms?
Chest pains, a sense of choking, shortness of breath, dizziness, pain, trembling nausea, diarrhoea, headache, backache, heart palpitations, numbness or “pins and needles”, sweating/flushing, restlessness, easily tired, trouble concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, frequent urination, trouble falling or staying asleep, being easily startled, diminished feelings or aspirations for the future? These can all be symptoms of anxiety or depression. This one day retreat introduces six simple steps and key understandings of the deeper underlying belief patterns causing anxiety or depression. Learn how to affect the process of change within the mind toward better all-round health. More about this course…

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Time for Happiness

A four day retreat on heavenly Waiheke Island to rejuvenate yourself and recalibrate your life.

Time out to rest, restore, relax, detox and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of our private accommodation nestled in a quiet bay. Learn practical techniques to take back into your life for sustained wellbeing and happiness More about this course…

The Gift of The Elements

Healing and transformation through the knowledge of the Elements

Do you want to fully understand how your mind affects health and well being?
This series of one day Transformational Knowledge Retreats teaches you the wise understandings underlying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Alchemical Healing. Covering the influence of the Six Elements on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health according to these ancient traditions this Retreat will infuse you with the knowledge to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others to attain health and well being on the highest levels.
More about this course…

The Healing Power of Gaia

Empower yourself by learning how to use universal healing energies for yourself and the good of the planet. These  Transformational Knowledge Retreats  include attunements to the Gaia Earth Element Healing Ray and teach you techniques for self healing, distant healing, working with plants, animals and earth energies. Level One is for self healing and development and Advanced for those who wish to go on to work with clients. More about this course

Catherine and Henri

The presenters:

Catherine and Henri are the co-founders of Balanced Energy and the BE Spa.

Henri Venturini

Henri is a Qigong, Tai Chi /Martial Art Master and a Spiritual Healer specialising in the mental and emotional connection with the body. He is a member of the Melbourne Anti-Depression Institute and the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. He currently has a TV series on TV9 called “Basic Tai Chi”, teaching beginners Tai Chi.

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Catherine Opie

Catherine is a teacher and practitioner of energy healing, vibrational and natural medicine and Yoga (IYT 500) with 20 years experience both in the UK and New Zealand. She is particularly interested in ancient healing traditions and how to integrate this knowledge into a modern life for health and happiness.

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