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The Gift of The Elements

Healing and transformation through the knowledge of the elements

Lapis lazuli gem elixirDo you want to fully understand how your mind affects health and well being?

This series of one day Transformational Knowledge Retreats teaches you the wise understandings underlying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Alchemical Healing. Covering the influence of the Six Elements on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health according to these ancient traditions this Retreat will infuse you with the knowledge to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others to attain health and well being on the highest levels.

The first step to understanding mind-body medicine and energetic systems within the body, the topics covered in this Retreat include:

  • An in depth study of each of the six elements
  • Body systems and energy channels governed by each element
  • How to use the knowledge of the elements to help pinpoint the right treatment
  • Exercises to strengthen and balance the elements in the body
  • How to use diet and nutrition alongside elemental knowledge to pinpoint the best strategy for each individual
  • The mind, emotions and symptoms of an elemental imbalance
  • How to use this knowledge to attain a whole balance for body, mind and spirit

Suitable for any level of understanding this course is the beginning of a 7 level pathway into deeper understandings of these ancient healing systems.

In order to fully experience the energy of the six elements, two are studied together over two days at the time of year these elements are most at play. You can sign up for the whole two days and study two elements at once, or simply attend one day at a time and study at your own pace.



Fire- Sunday 20th September 2015

Unity/Light-Monday 21st September 2015


Earth- Sunday 20th March 2016

Metal/Air- Monday 21st March 2016


Water- Sunday 19th June 2016

Wood/Ether- Monday 20th June 2016



Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, Albany, Auckland



8am to 5pm


Investment in your health and well being:

$250 pp early bird booked and paid in advance per day

$300pp on the day

$200pp for two people booking together in advance

$250pp for two people on the day

Your opportunity to learn and grow call, so don’t miss out, Book now for this Transformational Knowledge Retreat

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The Facilitators:

Henri Venturini and Catherine Opie are the founders of Balanced Energy and BE Spa, New Zealand.
Catherine and Henri are practitioners, teachers and producers of Vibrational Medicine with 20 years of experience in the field of Mind Body Medicine.

Henri Venturini

Henri is a Qigong, Tai Chi /Martial Art Master and a Spiritual Healer specialising in the mental and emotional connection with the body. He is a member of the Melbourne Anti-Depression Institute and the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. He currently has a TV series on TV9 called “Basic Tai Chi”, teaching beginners Tai Chi.

For more information on Henri click here

Catherine Opie

Catherine is a teacher and practitioner of energy healing, vibrational and natural medicine and Yoga (IYT 500) with 20 years experience both in the UK and New Zealand. She is particularly interested in ancient healing traditions and how to integrate this knowledge into a modern life for health and happiness.

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