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The Healing Power of Gaia

Healing with the Earth Element

Relaxing treatmentEmpower yourself by becoming atuned to the pure, universal healing energy of Gaia and learn how to use this energy for your own self-healing and to help others and the planet.

Whether you simply wish to work on your own spiritual development or eventually become a practitioner of this wonderful, healing modality this Transformational Knowledge Retreat will definitely change your perspective on life by giving you tools to make a difference and to help heal yourself and the planet.

Gaia Healing is the perfect addition to a beauty, massage or other health therapy practice as it is a relaxing, gentle treatment that leaves the client feeling very calm and balanced afterwards.

Gaia Level One

At this Transformational Knowledge Retreat you will have atunements to the first level of this beautiful healing energy. This gently opens up and balances the chakras beginning the process of clearing and balancing your energy system in order to ground this energy and to be able to pass it on to others. You will give and receive a healing treatment, learn meditations and how to use this energy primarily for yourself, your family, with animals and plants.

Sunday and Monday February 28-29 2016

Venue- BE Spa

Investment $400

Gaia Advanced

After three months you may then choose to take the Level Two atunement. This takes the healing to another level and is suitable for those wishing to work as Gaia Healing practitioners. At this Transformational Knowledge Retreat you will learn to use the energy in a session with a client, for distant healing, advanced healing techniques and the use of healing symbols. You will also be taken through codes of conduct for practitioners.

Sunday and Monday May 2016

Venue- Kawaia Purapura Retreat Centre, Albany

Investment $500

What comes next?

Gaia Transformational Knowledge Retreats are the first two levels of a complete system of healing energies called Eternal Light Healing. If you wish you may take further atunements to other healing rays with Shimara Kumara, the founder of this healing system. For more information on this please click here: The Eternal Light Healing System.


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The Facilitator:

Catherine Opie is a certified Gaia Master Teacher. Trained by Shimara Kumara in London at the Academy of Eternal Light over a 10 year period she gained her qualification to teach Gaia before moving back to New Zealand. Catherine is a natural health practitioner with 19 years of experience in the field of Vibrational Medicine, Naturopathy and Yoga. She has been trained in many aspects of energy healing including: karmic regression, inner child work, earth healing, working with animals, spiritual counseling, aura and chakra balancing, crystal healing, vibrational medicine, colour therapy, light therapy and more.

Catherine says about Gaia and Eternal Light Healing: “Taking these attunements literally changed my life at a time when I was really in trouble. I was having treatment for cervical cancer and the health of my body had literally collapsed due to overwork and stress. Doing Gaia got me back on track and into healthy life habits. I gave up smoking effortlessly. I got rid of a systemic candida infection. I learnt much about myself and felt really empowered to be able to make such a huge difference to my own life and therefore to other’s lives. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow and learn, to be healthy and to add something special to their exsisting health practice that really helps people to shift on a fundamental level where dis-ease itself manifests: the energy field.”

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