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Day 177 of 365 days to get back to myself

I bet you thought I’d given up the 365 Days! Not so, only the blog for a few weeks. My journey this year is to focus on my own health and wellbeing since I realised in January that my life had become very unhealthy, unbalanced and stressful over the last few years, and this urgently needed attention and adjustment.

I had a big attack of the winter blues and needed a break from Balanced Energy to focus on my Level 2 Teacher Training course. The hour or so I spend every day posting on line became time to practice Yoga. So, rather than stress and stay on track with the blog I decided to take it easy on myself and slow down. I needed a rest to gather my energy and I gave myself permission not to be so driven, to let go of a few work expectations for a while. Life is too short to be avoiding the things I love and enjoy or to turn my work into a burden that could break my back.

I am definitely still on the 365 day wagon, and slowly things are shifting back into place. Here’s a list of the changes I have made this year so far and still going strong:

  1. Further studies in Yoga, more daily practice, more meditation
  2. Cutting out alcohol, dairy, wheat
  3. Cutting down on sugar
  4. Looking after my health as a priority
  5. Letting go of the causes of stress and things that are not working in my life
  6. Having more fun, putting more time into things I enjoy doing rather than focusing only on work tasks
  7. Dancing more (signed up for ballroom dancing classes!)
  8. More family time, less time obsessing about work
  9. Getting more active, less time sitting at the computer (volunteering for the walking school bus, walking instead of driving, more exercise in general)
  10. Taking my own advice, supplements and essences more regularly! (it really works!)
  11. Taking better care of my skin

All very achievable, obvious stuff don’t you think? So why do we often find it so hard to make these little changes for our well being, choosing instead to get buried in work or other commitments? I have a tendency to swing with extremes (all or nothing) and, as I love what I do, work begins to take over. So, my challenge for a work/ life balance is to make sure I prioritise what’s really important: health and happiness. Then the work flows effortlessly and more gets done anyway because I am in a better state of mind.

This week we have a lot of inputting of data and editing to do so I am making sure that I take hourly breaks to do something active, get the circulation and oxygen flowing to un-fog the brain. This could be to do some Yoga, breathing, run up and down the stairs a few times, go for a walk, work in the garden, vacuum or clean- anything to get me away from the desk and moving.

Do you have a work/life balance challenge at the moment? How do you make sure you have time to nurture your health and well being amongst a busy schedule? What are your favourite ways to incorporate a healthy balance into your work or parenting day? Share these on our facebook page or send me a message with your tips.

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