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Balanced Energy Spa

BE Spa

Be enveloped in a luxurious, calm and healing atmosphere where you are looked after by highly skilled health and well-being professionals.


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Yoga at Balanced Energy


At the Balanced Energy Studio we teach Yoga with a balanced approach, using carefully selected course programmes for beginners or advanced students.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

The beautiful, flowing movements of Tai Chi are actually a type of martial art which is based on the knowledge of how to utilise your opponent’s energy and flow with it.


Six Element Mandala

Six Element Mandala

Six Elements that make up the universe, six Mandala to symbolise the balance.
These six, beautiful Mandala have been produced by Henri-noel Venturini to complement the Balanced Energy Six Element products.


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I have had the best day at work using your essences…I LOVE them! I had seven clients today and every single one of them were blown away by their choice of mandala card/essence and the sessions that followed…so much clarity, truth and awareness.

M B Practitioner, Wellington NZ


I had the pleasure of knowing Henri Venturini for 5 years now. Henri is intuitive, and has a great capacity and subtle innate ability to connect with people he works with. I have highly benefited from not just his effective techniques but also from the kindness he projected.

Nansi Sukri, Auckland


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