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Yes BE Tai Chi classes are still happening live on line!


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Focus at the moment is on Qigong with breathing to strengthen the lungs and boost their health

  • Wednesday 9.30am
  • Sunday 9.30am


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What you need to bring to Tai Chi Class

You will need soft, flexible shoes and loose clothing that allows you to move. Bring some water to drink and a sweat towel if you wish.

The beautiful, flowing movements of Tai Chi are actually a type of martial art which is based on the knowledge of how to utilise your opponent’s energy and flow with it. There are many different forms of Tai Chi including stick, sword, fan and staff as well as the more well known form practiced by many thousands of people throughout the world.

Tai Chi improves flexibility, focus, balance and mind body coordination. It is proven to be able to assist with conditions such as arthritis and heart disease. Whatever your level of fitness you can practice Tai Chi as there are many types and styles to suit any body.

The Teacher:

Henri noel Venturini

Henri is an accomplished pratitioner of martial arts (Tai Chi, Qigong, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Judo,Gong Fu)  and can teach many different styles for both combat and weapons training or for health and well being. He is also a wellness consultant specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage and Energy Healing.

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