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A Question on Anxiety

A Question on Anxiety

Question”I am curious about your opinions on anxiety. I believe one way to overcome some of our challenges is to drag them out into the light” Rod Hadley ,Vancouver Hypnotherapy IncMy answer by Henri Venturini:My experience of anxiety suffers is that:...

Herbal Winter Health

Keeping healthy over winter sometimes means taking medicines for, coughs, cold, flu, fever or other symptoms. There are many ways to treat these symptoms, however preventative health is our preferred way to deal with these winter ailments. Herbal medicines have a long...

What is a Healthy Diet?

Vegetarian, vegan, blood type, low carb, high fibre, Paeleo, Atkins, raw food, breatharian, fruitarian, 3 apple a day diet, Ayurvedic, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, low fat, low cholesterol, juice fast, Lemon Detox Diet, alternate day diet, soup diet, Fat Flush,...
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