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We are really enjoying chilling out with our lovely organic teas and tisanes iced, on these hot NZ summer days.

Any of the BE Tisanes and BE Teas can be drunk hot or cold. Some can even be cold infused overnight to make your iced tea. I love to pop just a small amount into my water bottle and let it cold infuse into the water for a hint of refreshing flavour and colour.

Today we made a Pepperminty iced tisane to give to customers at the Whitianga Wellbeing Fare, helping them to cool down and chill out on this glorious, hot, dry, sunny New Zealand summer day.

This tea has such a wonderful flavour combination. First the mellow flavour of roiboos, then fresh lemon kicks in and, just when you thought it was all over, a hint of peppermint refreshes the palate with a cool aftertaste.

To make a 2.5 litre jug of Pepperminty iced tisane you will need:

Fill the BE Iced Tea Maker ice tubes with cold water, screw on the caps and place into the freezer. Place the Pepperminty Tisane into the tea filter and tie the open top into a knot. Put this into BE Iced Tea Maker jug and add boiling water up to halfway on the jug. Let the tea steep for an hour then top up with cold water, leaving enough space to add honey, lemon and ice tube later. Once completely cool place into the fridge (covered) and leave to chill thoroughly. 

Once your iced Pepperminty Tisane is chilled, remove the paper tea filter full of tea from the jug. Add the liquid honey and stir well into the tisane. Add the lemon and the sprig of mint. Remove the frozen ice tube from the freezer and put it into the BE Iced Tea Maker lid, then put the lid back onto the tea maker. Your iced tisane will now stay nice and cold out of the fridge for about two hours.

As long as you keep this iced tisane refrigerated it will usually keep for two to three days.

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