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BE Spa

Natural Health and Healing Clinic

To be at BE Spa…

Means to be enveloped in a luxurious, calm and healing atmosphere where you are looked after by highly skilled health and well being professionals whose sole aim is to provide you with the best treatment for you as a unique individual.

Traditionally a “Spa” was a place where people went for healing and health. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the origin of the word Spa is: “A spring or resort with thermal or mineral water for drinking and bathing. The word derives from a Belgian town whose springs reputedly had curative powers…”

The BE Spa is one of only two Spas in Auckland with a mineral spring on site, and the only one with a focus on health and healing.

Relax, rest, revitalise and refresh yourself with our excellent selection of natural health, healing and beauty treatments

Begin your journey to vibrant health and radiant skin, contact us now.

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Balanced Energy Studio

Focus, strength, fitness, fun, calm, relaxation, core, balance, stability, health, well being, dance, excellence, self defence, enjoyment, coordination, flexibility, mobility, focus, stillness, movement.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation classes and private tuition. Daytime classes in the summer are held outdoors under our ancient and beautiful Pohutakawa Tree

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