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It’s business as usual for BE Spa, we are 100% committed to looking after your health throughout this challenging time. Not just your physical health but also your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being too.

I have made sure you can access a range of services despite being in isolation, quarantine or lock down.

For some time now I have been working towards putting BE Spa on line as much as possible. I already have had an online shop and a website for many years now. The magnificent gift I have been given at this time by Covid-19 is to be able to make BE Spa even more sustainable than ever before by being able to provide services where people do not even have to leave home to benefit from them. This is saving so many resources, creating cleaner air and making life undeniably more relaxing and peaceful as we all cease rushing around all over the place and centre ourselves at home, spending time on our own or with our family that we have so craved.

I have been working from home for 25 years now, as well as working off site. Now I am solely working from home. This is something that I have always wanted to do but struggled to achieve due to the perceived demands placed upon us by our old system of operating business and life.

Online marketing has allowed me to be able to stop driving an hour and a half into and out of the city many times a week to attend marketing events, expos and markets. Covid-19 has stopped me from doing the same to teach Yoga classes. I am forced to stop this madness and allow myself time to rest, relax and focus on what I love doing- teaching wonderful Yoga classes, delivering incredible Hypnotherapy and Healing sessions and making delicious organic Teas. I love what I do and I am totally committed to continuing to provide these services for my customers.

At this challenging time of incredible transformation we need more than ever to centre, re-balance and take care of ourselves so that we can move forward with a clear intention and purpose and make the most of the opportunities gifted to us for change at this time. We have the power to make real change to the way we live our lives from now on. Let’s make sure we do that with thoughtfulness and consideration. We are being asked to give up things right now for the benefit of others. This is the highest type of divine service, selflessness. If we all support each other there is always plenty to go around, panic buying really showed me what happens when some accumulate more than they need or will ever use…there is literally nothing left on the shelves for others.

This is through the fear of not having enough, not being enough. If you know you are enough there is no need to panic about having enough of anything: food, water, love, money, shoes, cars, the list goes on. Knowing that “I am enough” is a huge relief because you realise that you do not need anything to validate who you are, you choose to have food, water, love, money, shoes and cars but there is no need to use them to fill the hole that exists when “I am not enough” is the predominant way of thinking.

Mainstream marketing uses the “I am not enough” game to sell us all sorts of things we really do not need that cause huge amounts of devastation to our planet and to other people’s lives. I use marketing that affirms how amazing my products are and how good they are for you instead because I do not think that making people buy things they don’t need by making them feel they are less than enough is not ethical.

We all have a choice right now to come out of this unbelievable global event wiser and more caring, more sustainable and in a much better place than we were before. What will you do with this opportunity? Go back to how things were before or move with the change and join those of us for whom this event is just another shove towards creating a better more, more sustainable, more equal, more caring and healthier world?

Viruses change our DNA, their purpose is literally to help us to evolve. How will you allow this virus to help you evolve? Will you fight it or roll with it? This is an unprecedented global event and I am so excited to see how this will play out in terms of a massive change to our current consumerism, lifestyle and health as a planet.

Let’s go on this journey as a whole. I say no one gets left behind, offer a hand to someone else right now and see what that does to enhance you life.


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